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The Scandi Sense Diet

- Lose weight and keep it off with the life-changing handful method



The name Scandi Sense is inspired by the notion of ‘common sense’. It is no coincidence that I have chosen this particular name; as well as being simple and straightforward, Scandi Sense is based on common sense in relation to the composition and amount of food we choose to eat.

Scandi Sense is intended to be suitable for everyone, regardless of size and weight, and is therefore more a lifestyle than a diet. The basic idea is that you eat a Scandi Sense version of the food you usually have. This means that you won’t have to overhaul your diet entirely – it will just need adjusting. This makes it more likely that the lifestyle will last in the long run.
Scandi Sense isn’t a ready-made diet plan, but some simple principles to live by – principles that will give you the right balance of nutrients and ensure that you maintain a stable blood sugar level throughout the day. The Scandi Sense diet is based on the official dietary advice of the Danish Health Board. The basic idea is that if you fill yourself up with balanced, healthy meals, you won’t be so easily tempted by food that will make you gain weight. You also get a mental tool, namely the ‘meal-boxes’, to help you fit yummy things such as a piece of cake into your diet.
Handfuls and meal-boxes

You will use the palms of your hands to measure the amount of food you should eat at each meal. You can eat up to four handfuls of food for each meal, and if they are properly balanced you will easily feel full.

The Scandi Sense meal-boxes are both a practical and a mental tool to help you keep track of your meals. Each meal-box represents a meal.  You should imagine that you have three meal-boxes a day available, each filled with your four handfuls of food plus 1–3 tablespoons of fat.
If there is sometimes a little extra food in a meal-box, or maybe food that wasn’t planned, just close that meal-box and carry on, without beating yourself up or feeling guilty. 
Think about people who have always had a healthy weight. They also eat too much food, or too many calories, on occasion, and they do so without reproaching themselves. You have to get away from thinking, ‘Now it’s all ruined, so it doesn’t really matter’, because it is exactly that reaction that causes the failure of so many attempts to eat healthily. 
If you have strayed from the plan at a meal, rather than stressing over it, it is a much better strategy to be proactive and get straight back into a good rhythm with the next meal-box.   
Three meals a day 

There is no evidence to suggest that it is better to eat six times a day rather than three. Some people thrive on more meals daily, while others are fine with fewer.
But there is no doubt that the risk of eating too many calories is greater when you eat several times a day.
With three daily meals, it is easier to keep blood sugar levels stable, especially when meals are sensibly planned using the Sense Meal-Box Model. Following this model, the metabolism doesn’t drop significantly when you cut down on the number of meals. It is healthy for the body to have a break between meals, not only for blood sugar levels, but also for your mental wellbeing and your intestinal system.

Learn more about the Scandi Sense Diet by reading the book ‘The Scandi Sense Diet’ by Suzy Wengel


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